Vision of the University:

The Vision of WDU is to serve as a first rate institution committed to the pursuit of excellence in all areas of academic learning, technology development and social relevance.

Mission Statement:

The Mission of WDU is to produce men and women with the intellectual, professional and technological capabilities and be able to apply their knowledge and skills to the resolution of national and international challenges. It is our commitment to graduate men and women with a deep sense of social responsibility to contribute to the development of its immediate environment and service to the nation and the international community.

Philosophy of the University:

The philosophy of Western Delta University is premised on the ground that good education provides the wherewithal for achieving progress and sustainable development. Thus, the aspiration of the University is to become a premier institution where the best and brightest in scholarship, in economy and in science and technology will have ample opportunity to excel. To this end, the University will foster a community of scholars and students who are committed to the pursuit of research and professional practice for the advancement of society. It is also informed by a desire to uphold the highest ideals of public service, patriotism and philanthropy.


Post-UTME Screening

1st Screening Exercise: Saturday, 23rd August, 2014
2nd Screening Exercise: Saturday, 18th October, 2014
Venue: Auditorium
Western Delta University,